Director of Photography

About Me


My name is Mattie and I am a freelance director of photography living in so-called “Boston, Massachusetts.” My work includes documentaries, narrative shorts, music videos, live sessions, comedic series’, promotional commercials.  My intention with my work is always to accurately and beautifully portray the voices of storytellers, performers, artists, and ordinary people and the work they’re doing. I’m a lover of cameras and people.

I got my start in the film industry as a newly educated photographer with an interest in film production. I began working as a production assistant for anyone who would hire me. I was given valuable opportunities to learn about the process of filmmaking and intricacies of the departments that are involved in getting a story to a screen. I was taught how to work as a grip, then as a camera assistant, all the while learning as much as I could about cinematography, the role of the DP, and how I could fulfill that role myself.

Lately I have been splitting my time between working as a Digital Utility/2nd Assistant Camera on larger scale union film productions, and shooting non-union projects I care about. I appreciate the consistent learning experience of working on larger more “industry”-level sets, but I am always looking to shoot pieces that interest me personally.

I am a non-binary trans girl and use they/she pronouns exclusively - thank youuuuu. :)

If you're interested in collaborating with me, please send me an email, I'd love to hear from you.