Director of Photography

Visual Resume

Visual Resume

This is a collection of my work, sorted by genre. I wanted to showcase some work that I have done that isn’t my “usual thing,” like corporate work, content production, etc. It’s all below!



“Anke Djé Anke Bé”

For: my friend Devin Ferreira

Devin Ferreira is a musician, artist, and educator. He asked me to document a performance he directed in collaboration with the Boston Landmarks Orchestra, Camp Harborview and youth from the Mattapan Teen Center. The performance was incredible and the kids who wrote and performed it are amazing. This piece was a real “passion project,” in that there was very little money to produce it, but it ended up becoming one of my favorite films I’ve ever made.

“Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy”

For: Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

A series of mini-documentaries I worked on as a Director of Photography. This piece is one of my favorites. We shot 5 profiles of 5 transgender/non-binary individuals chronicling their experiences accessing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Planned Parenthood in Massachusetts now offers HRT with informed consent to all patients and these videos served as an element of their campaign to advertise this new service.

“People Like You - an Artist Profile”

For: Allston Pudding

A documentary chronicling the history of Boston indie/jazz group “People Like You,” now called “Really From.”

“We Can Get To Zero”

For: Amir Now Inc.

A state-commissioned documentary discussing the current state of HIV treatment and care in Massachusetts, mixed with firsthand accounts of living with HIV and their narrative of its history in this country.


“Space Camp - Righteous Dollar Bills”

For: Space Camp

A music video shot in about 4 hours in central Connecticut with one of my favorite bands/my friends. Involves glitter, a truck-bed filled with water, and orbees.

“Kàrmàn Voh - Tiny Little Engine”

For: Kàrmàn Voh

A currently unreleased/unfinished experimental music video filmed on a combination of anamorphic and spherical lenses.


“Michael Christmas - Pilot Series”

For: Fools Gold Records

This was an episodic web-series test run written and directed by Boston rapper Michael Christmas, and produced, shot, and edited by me. The label withheld half of the money they promised me but Michael and I finished it anyway and I’m very proud of it.

“Michael Christmas - Mockumentary Series”

For: Fools Gold Records

This was a series shot over the summer of 2018 written and improvised by Boston rapper Michael Christmas.


"Nice Guys, Kal Marks, & Nice Guys”

For: Klon Pedals

Bill, who created and still manufacturers by hand the beloved Klon distortion pedals, commissioned me to direct and produce this series of live sessions with three Boston bands: Nice Guys, Kal Marks, and Nice Guys, in November of 2017. Jason Kimball and Stephen LoVerme were kind enough to be additional camera operators on this one and killed it.

“Cliff Notez”

For: Allston Pudding

Cliff Notez is one of my favorite Boston musicians. He is a rapper, songwriter, educator, activist, producer, filmmaker, and poet. He is a sweet man. You owe it to yourself to check him out. This session features Justine (Photocomfort) and Tim Hall (like 100 cool projects).

“Buck Meek”

For: Allston Pudding

Buck Meek is a folk musician best known for playing guitar in Big Thief. His self-titled solo record was one of my favorites from last year. This session was one of my favorites I’ve done. It was shot in Ringer Park in Allston.

“Pink Navel”

For: Allston Pudding

Pink Navel is the cutest non-binary rapper. They are a Maine-based rapper and beatmaker whose music is released with Rory Ferreira’s label/collective Ruby Yacht. This session was filmed in my kitchen.

“Three Solos - Patrick Talesfore Jr.”

For: Allston Pudding

Patrick Talesfore Jr. is a drum set artist from California. He has played in many bands, my favorite of which being Boston hardcore band Cerce. This session includes three improvised drum solos that I think showcase Patrick’s personality and musical identity.

“Kàrmàn Voh”

For: Allston Pudding

Pasha (AKA Kàrmàn Voh) performed this very intimate live session in a Jamaica Plain basement over the summer of 2018.



For: AllstonVelo

AllstonVelo is a bike shop in Allston. I produced and shot this docu-commercial piece for them in exchange for a deal on a new bike. The first video is the full commercial and the following are each Instagram release mini-episode edits.

“Cambridge Women’s Center - Spring Promo”

For: LIR Productions/Outside the Box Agency

The Cambridge Women’s Center is the longest-running community space for women in America. This piece was filmed all in the span of three hours on a Sunday morning in April. All interviews were filmed in the same room with one camera. Very proud of how this piece turned out despite the tight space and timeframe.

“St. Mary’s Church: Maude Meade + Isabella Harris”

For: Outside the Box Agency

A chat about food pantries, the importance of young people’s inclusion in a church community, and the prophetic resistance project, an organization that works to fight for the immigration rights of citizens and refugees.


“A Conversation With Novelist Claire Messud ‘83 P’19”

For: Milton Academy

This was a live event sponsored by Milton Academy presenting a conversation with author Claire Messud. Two C100ii’s and a lot of running around! It was a beautiful room, albeit a bit dark, and I think the piece turned out well.

”Gene Therapy Conference - Boston 2019”

For: Kontenthaus

Assorted Frames

I’m definitely not allowed to release client names or actual videos so here’s just a collection of corporate content in framegrab-form I’ve shot over the years.


“Dear Young Rocker”

For: Dear Young Rocker

A trailer for my friend Chelsea’s podcast, Dear Young Rocker. This podcast is very good, everyone should listen to it.

“Bedroom Reveal”

For: LovePlayingDressUp

A lifestyle vlog episode I shot for a YouTuber.